Reviews for "Paseo Viejo"

This was really really awsome!

Wow, I am very impressed with this. Now I know I'd never wanna work in a movie theater! I loved how the different people said things based on what their character was supposed to be ("Sadbiscuit" hahaha), that was a nice touch.

My head exploded when I heard "Scuzzleberry" too!


Omg his head got blowed off hehe looks like a very boring job(with a chance to get your head blowed off....) very nice done i gave entry 4 and 7 in review

I liked it

A very nice little short. It was clever and the punchline was well delivered.


ehe pretty nice

twas a nice small flash movie. 4/5

startled me a bit

that must be the most interesting job I know.. and not monotonic at all.