Reviews for "Paseo Viejo"

People are idiots.

Trust me man...i know what it feels like to be stuck in a shitty job. The wendie's drive through is where stupidity breeds...how many times a day do people come in and ask for stuff off of the mcdonalds menu..... At least i'm not locked in a little box. does it get hot in there?


AHH im a ticket taker myself. i cant count how many lame ass morons come up to me pronouncing the movie [cooth] horribly wrong. I know exactly your feelings and it doesnt get much truer to this. Next time im on my shift im going to start bursting out laughing by random thanks to this LOLOLOL


Man I know just how you feel except it was with the movie Hildalgo or heldalgo or heladalago, and one man wanted to pay with his vysa people are morons and poor boxoffice employees had to put up with those morons


I just love it... hes head just explode

funny stuff

i loved the way that guys head just blew up in the end b/c of all the dumbasses there. noone could say seabiscut lol, that waz funny the way he had to deal w/ them. great stuff man