Reviews for "Paseo Viejo"


Great stuff :D

I love it!!

That's really funny and cool!!


that was funny. shit must've been real fun to work over there...


Made me laugh hard!! great surprising end lol

I feel your pain

lol, you have NO idea how close to home that one hit for me. I worked box office in a theatre for 2 years. It's hell, people are idiots. I've yet to figure out why a person will stand in a line for 5 minutes just to get up to you and go "hold on, let me see what you have"... I swear that job will make you end up going postal. Sadly I've moved on to projection, so I don't have to put up with any of the morons walking up asking what LoTR is and if it's any good -_-;; Awesome flick, make more :D