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Reviews for "barbarian february day 28"

It's been great to see your barbarians' drawings every day, you improved a lot! I hope to see more art from you in the future, take a well-deserved art break tho.

Also, it's the 28th day of me commenting yo mama, it went pretty fast ngl.
yo mama's the blue barbarian (see the joke is that she is very obese)

Dotbutnewgrounds responds:

thank you destri (the first half of the comment)
yo mam (second half of the comment)

aw man no barb 29
great improvements, pogsome art, and good job on the challenge!

Dotbutnewgrounds responds:

barb 29 whenb

Awesome job dude! drawing something every day is a good discipline an artist can practice, and you pulled it off! I hope you learned a lot of it, because it sure looks like it.

wheres mono art

Dotbutnewgrounds responds: