Even with the volume as low as possible, this was still pretty annoying. Was it just this one thing over and over? I think it probably was. The animation wasn't good at all. Well, it wasn't even really that. I too, am annoyed by Wassup.

You just need to have something more clever than this. It's not really saying anything. You need to be less annoying than them. I couldn't click on anything. I just don't understand it.

Rather odd

Admittedly, the flash was annoying at first. The voices popped a bit in the mic, I can tell, which made it harder to listen to. The loop, while very short, was done effectively though, with no obvious gap between where it starts and ends. The animation wasn't too bad, and I understand what you were trying to do with this flash.

haha loved it

Haha i love these types with the wazzup themes and this was entertaining and gave me a good laugh, maybe add a new twist to these ever growing styles of themes. yeah it needs something new the theme styles are cool, maybe make it so that someone kills the wazzup guy or something?

I could see you adding a whole new twist on these wazzup flashes with maybe the other people killing the wazzup guy because they thought he was anoying or something

Wazzup lol



I thought this small loop was fantastically well done, i mean you captured that whole craze well with this. The way you drew the mr t character was great, you added a lot of detail to him and his hand which made the joke even better. The voice acting for the word was good, nice and high in pitch. The only problem with this is that it gets very annoying after a couple of seconds.

heh ..

didnt see that coming...