that about sums it up

i;ve been going through all the old ng stuff. after watching all those parodies, that about sums up what i've been watching for the past half hour

If your going to parody a commercial or somthing..

please try to make it funny. This was simply pointless and random. The drawing was ok, but thats all this flash really was. I hope that you go on to better things than this...for Newgrounds sake!


of course it was annoying..but arent the god damn wazzup movies annoying too? i'd rather see more of these than the damn wazzup parodies


It was funny because "whazzup" sucks, but was that a strange version of Mr.T???


This was so cheap, I swear. It wasn't funny, didn't have any good points, it's nothing but a shitty loop of some guy going 'Wassup" and constantly flipping you off. Yeah, real nice gift for those wassup fans. I don't even know why people hate wassup so much. Some of those people are too damn stupid to think up anything more clever than that. You're a good example.

... A voting average of 0.88? I'm very surprised this hasn't been blammed already with a score as low as that. Man, you really messed up on this one.

I despise you wassup-bashing bastards. The 1 was for the extremely small amount effort.