Reviews for "The Big Red Button"

wow i dont know why

i couldnt stop
no matter how hard i tried...i...just...could...not...stop

HAHA, great idea.

You generally here concepts such as this, and most of the time they suck and are not funny. This however is very well done and funny to say the least. Sort of like the song that never ends or john jacob jingle-heimer schmidt (sp?), a never ending loop, only here a never ending loop that is not at all annoying. Its clear the author didn't half-ass it, and actually thought of something interesting to put. Very well done.


THIS GAME RULES, there is no little white button,sniff sniff i looked so much and now i hate the white button but its funny if you right-click and press play and it speeds past all the text and looks really funny


that was great and addictive, also was very funny :)

this is really simple,good story,but i'm wondering just how many people have blown up the earth,and heaven and hell.