Reviews for "The Big Red Button"


once you get to the part where the button´s text tells you a story once it tells you what the button said it automaticly* rewinds XD


This is so funny, I saw it at my friend's house and we COULDN'T STOP LAUGHING!! Thank you, I gotta check out the green one now...

A good ORIGINAL idea.

awesometasticdude17: A look at the page source of Jonbro shows that it was last modified on Thursday, January 17, 2008. This one was up in 2004. ... I mean, you could blow the whistle on it, but it's the original. That's just ridiculous. :)

Somebody Copied

Somebody copied the first few presses go to audio portal neon filter the best one if want to find him.


good game, but wouldnt that be stealing from the other guy if you made preety much the same thing? i dont know if i should whistle or not, can someone else help me?