Reviews for "The Big Red Button"

I'm gonna start talking upside down now!
That's not gonna work. I can read upside down.
*translating upside down text for the others (it's in order)*
HA! Can't read me now, can you?
What? You didn't want to read me anyway?
Well then, I'll show you!
You're welcome :)

this is really simple,good story,but i'm wondering just how many people have blown up the earth,and heaven and hell.


this game is JUST like bubblewrap once you start you can't stop. the ending also helps make that perfect loop. good job! it might be the new techno version of bubblewrap

I hate you.

In that "cut your head off with a toothbrush" kind of way.
I LOL'D sooooo badly! Even though I've played this many times, it never gets old!

the story made the ending perfect