Reviews for "The Big Red Button"

Just press the red button, and you never know!

LOl its like yur always pressing the red button to see what ahppens next. It's all a game about curiosity. Well its obvious that people keep pressing that button cuz theyre too damn curious lol!!!
By the way, is there any secrets or something?

Thats just so stupid!

try it, right-click and play!


That was the funniest flash ever! ! ! ! ! !
It made me laugh, cry, It annoyed me, and at the same time I loved it! ! ! !
Good Work! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


You kept me occupied for 15 mins, and you made a 15 min difference in my life, thanks!


oh god that was good but I didnt notice it started over again till the 3rd time and where is the white button????