Reviews for "Wollis and Vommit"

Filthy, disgusting, GREAT!

Semi obvious ending, but still funny. Good choice of voice, decent graphics, however, a bit short. Not a bad effort!

one-line summary

decent. not bad at all.

Not a bad little short.

On its own it's fairly weak, maybe bundled with other flashes, or as a small little movie before/after this would be perfect though.

Decent animation, sound though. And you definitly captured what you'd seen. Probably funnier for people who've seen the original also(might want to mention that in the Author's notes so people have a clue that it's a spoof).

looks like grommit ect....

looks pretty good was funny enough but 30 sec long :S make it more like 4-5 min and your will get a full score from me

Fairly enjoyable while it lasts.

The voices are great, as are the sounds - they're probably the best thing about the movie imo.

That's not to say that the art isn't pretty decent.

The joke wasn't really that funny to me though.

Liked the last 2 scenes tho