Reviews for "Wollis and Vommit"

Filthy, disgusting, GREAT!

Semi obvious ending, but still funny. Good choice of voice, decent graphics, however, a bit short. Not a bad effort!


It even fooled me.. For a second there, I thought that was my brother he was eating.

Saw the gag coming a mile or two away, and, well, its litterally toilet humour. But there you have it, folks.

You get points for the good Wallace voice. Good luck with your inevitable lawsuit! ^_^

lame kinda funny, but funny

it waz ok. the joke waz really easy to understand but worth the min of my time. could have been a lil' longer tho

That was gross

so, in other words, it was funny. Shame it was so short. You got skill.

((( FUNNY )))

Haha ya it was funny, nice desging and just looked funny, i would love to see more like this amd mad is awsome...


Godlimations responds:

yep, everyone loves Mad, thats why I can't lose :) hehe. thanks for the review :)