Reviews for "Wollis and Vommit"


Now that was Hilarious! It made me smile every 5 times I watched it! Animation was great, wallace and gromit music went along with it greatly with it, you timed it in at the right times! You should make up your own and make it into a series! Lol was great. Thanks man and good luck with future flash movies! Looks like you worked hard on this.

Godlimations responds:

wow thanks for your comment, i appreciate it much! it's funny, coz the other stuff i submitted to ng i worked a lot harder on than this small 30 second flash, and yet im getting better votes on this one. :( queer.


wallice and gromit rule and wollis just eats shit, literally


*Marks for Wallice and Grommit theme music* That was very good. I never saw the mad magazine with Wollis and Vommit so I don't care if it's not original. 5/5


Even though it was short, it was epicly funny!!! LOL

great on wollis

he should of sniffed it before eating