Reviews for "Wollis and Vommit"

really funny!!!!

that guy named zambrano10 sux! he said that ure making "bad" flash and hes fucking, propably his mother!

great movie though!

Godlimations responds:

thats ok, may God bless that man, and God bless you for pointing out a fact ehehe. :)

naaa that was gay

okkk the only good thing about that was the end bcoz it was finished.u really r sad u know, 97 mil people r having sex now and u make some stupid flash man u suck

Godlimations responds:

flash by zambrano10= ZERO

I bet you don't even know how to use flash.

I shall pray upon your soul so that you can make good flash in the future.

MAD magazine retard

Good god...

What's mad?

Anyway that was good.......
I'm tired!!!

Godlimations responds:

someone tell him lol.


damn that made me laugh so hard

Godlimations responds:

thats good! thanks for the nice and simple review.