Reviews for "Wollis and Vommit"

That just... was terrible

I've heard of black humour but this was just terrible- I know Mad made the storyline but this wasn't even funny- just sickening.


LOL that was the funniest flash ive seen in a long time!!!

Ohhhh man that was f***ing hilarious!!

I was cracking up with this one totally. You really have a sense of black humor :D

Just Fucking Hilarious!

This Wallace & Gromit fan has one thing to say. LMAO!!!!!

That was absolutly funny. Fantastic work dude, please make more!

This is funny,because its gross.

I liked this.You should make more flash of Mad Magazine,or make a series out of this.I know its not original,or really your thing,but I really enjoyed this anyway.Please make more!