Reviews for "Wollis and Vommit"

fuck SonAdam

all right the last guy that reveiwed your movie was a daddy sucker he didn't know what he was saying ok now it was good it was funny so i'm gonna ask you to do more you had the perfect actions and the voices were great do more you here me

oh and this has nothing to do with this but EMINEM AND D-!@ ARE GOD

Godlimations responds:

more? perhaps, but i can't garuntee you that, anyway thanks for ur loverly comment

funny stuff

that was 10 times as funny as the real movies. you definatly should make a longer movie out of that.




That was pointless and short. It could have been more.

Godlimations responds:

true, but for a 30 second film it didn't waste that much of your time. could have been more yeh probably. but I'm workin on a bigger project at this time.


That was pretty funny, I like Wallace and Gromet though!