Reviews for "Wollis and Vommit"


I was going to give it just a 3 till I saw Wallace at the end with a gun to his head. Funny!


wallice and gromit rule and wollis just eats shit, literally

Haha, a Wallice and Grommit spoof!

I'm a fan of the Wallice and Grommit movies, but this was just hilarious. Wallice's (or Wollis in this case) voice was a good impression of the real thing, too bad it was a short. Good effort on the animation and graphics, and a sick little spoof indeed.

Normally I'd be enraged at someone taking the piss out of Wallice and Grommit, but this was just too funny to upset me (that and you must have worked hard on it). Good work on a funny, but disgusting parody. :)


hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahhahh he eat his shit hahahahhaha

Wallace & Grommit forever!