Reviews for "Wollis and Vommit"


Cachondo, si


I remember Malice and Vomit, I think it was originally called. It was in an old MAD mag. Only they screwed up their appearance too, like Vomit had a spiked collar...you should make more of these shorts

dont make fun of wallis and grommit

wallis and gromit rule dont make fun of them you the fucking saddest person in the whole fucking world

Godlimations responds:

ofcourse it rules ya big goof ball, it's a small joke, get over it.

i likeds it

hahahaha... poo jokes!


I liked the animation, but it wasn't the funniest thing all around. Nice job, though.

Godlimations responds:

to tell you the truth, I didn't expect it to go this far, i spent 2 days on this crummy work lol.