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Reviews for "Pictures of another World"


Amazing work! Beautyful melody!
Thanks for this music!
Sure I do download it!
I wants everyone to hear it!


I fav'd you and this song A while back but never got a chance to come and review it until now.

The main thing i would like to say is...

Great composition, terrible audio file. The mp3 itself is not very enjoyable becuase of your poor MIDI quality. BUT, the composition is quite complex and very creative. I love the chord progression and melody. The peice flows very nicely, you use your dynamics quite well. You use the full orchestra and all the different instruments; an all important quality only done by a few other NGer's. overall, if you could get an orchestra to play this, it would be absolutely brilliant. YOu might consider going to some movie festivals where you will find tons of producers looking for composers to write the soundtracks to their movies. If you could get an upgrade in midi equipment or send the score to your local orchestras conducter and see what he thinks, I thknk you could make it quite well as a composer. Few NGer's usic is this complex and brilliant. kepp up the great wrok, can't wait to hear something else fom yah :) - Cobra151

sounds like two songs thrown together

the part from 1:04 to about 1:50 seems like it was just thrown in. it transitions out nicely, but there's no segue from the first part to the second. other than that, nice job.
reminds me of Tales of Symphonia. not particularly original, but still a good piece.


seriously asome for a first upload. I love the way you express different emotions in music, and combine them making a really cool composition. Quiet and serene, moves onto clash and bangs, then to an adventure and on.


duuuuude this is probably wat u hear walking through heavens gates