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Reviews for "Author Space: Ep.100 Pt 1"

Still a great movie

I suppose the people at the Fallout Shelter sayed that you should put this up. I thought you wouldn't post anything on Newgrounds. Oh, this is Blaze from the forum. Now we can only hope that this gets on the front page. It deserves to be on the front page.

@_@ love it!!

Love it!!! go crazy bunny go!!!! I love this episode!! and I love Jen's reacrtion to her loss of Dp. lol who cares?


two words (so cooooollll)

I am in awe.

I love sprite comics, and as I do one myself, yours really set the standard.This is quite possibly the best sprite flash I've ever seen


What great humor :D
just kidding, its not THAT funny.
But still, it is funny :D