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Reviews for "Silent Guardian"

I agree with the review below.

Two words: truly epic.

I can see this being some kind of movie theme to an action/adventure/drama film. Better than John Williams?




It's really hard to add to what the other viewers have already written as they have taken the words outta my mouth. This makes me feel so...excited inside. Good music always does. I often wonder if this is what it feels like to be high. >.< lol!

NickPerrin responds:

Music gives a better high than anything I've tried, haha. Thanks for the review! I think I will expand this track soon into a proper full-length piece with a focus on inspiring and empowering the listener...


Dude, this rocked so much! My friends are liked hooked to this song now! i agree with all the things below and I'm just like wow. I would like to know when you do a longer one because this rocked so much! Also, I'm working on a video right now with a new camera and would like to know if you would not mind if I used this song? It's going to be a pretty long film and this song is perfect for the beginning of it! Please get back to me soon! Oh yah, this did make me totally remember Hans Zimmer! That dude is awesome too! BD


This is in excellent piece of music in every way, but the first though I had, was the soundtrack of a promo to a movie or something.

"In a land long shrouded in the fog of war, a Silent Guardian single handedly defends the world from the forces of evil." or something in that direction.


I'm going to go draw something right now. Holy SHIT this kicks so much ass...if, no, WHEN I do something original where I want the musical score to be exceptional, go nowhere. You're my guy.

Shit, just in case you stop frequenting NG by that time, gimme your email. Your talent is stellar!