Reviews for "Rebel T.M.N.T."


I like Yngwie too, and I noticed some Of Sins And Shadows by Symphony X as well. It wasn't spectacular and I was confused some of the way. I'm going to watch your second one now. *^_^* \m/


dude that was really retarded, why were they naked?and the whole story didnt make any sense.i hope your second one is better


o and to the last guy who reviewed this....stop being such a whiny little bitch u friggin TMNT NERD!!!

The hell wae this?

Well this is just sad. No, wait, it's just sucks. I would write down a list, but I'll keep it brief. I know that the original Turtles were voilent, but come on, that was too gross. And Spinter was surpose to be wise, not a butcher. And some thinking over, for a spelling error, it's Michelangelo, Not Michaelangelo. And for God's sake man, put some shells on them.

Interesting, twisted, disturbing, fucked up

That was one of the most warped Flashes I have seen on NG thus far. Tell me, how much crack did you smoke before making this? and how did you obtain enough brain cells to submit this? This was actually really good for a newb flash. I actually enjoyed this more than the "Mixed In Balamb" series(mostly because I like FF more than TMNT).