Reviews for "Rebel T.M.N.T."


i kinda liked this...its different from what i have seen...keep it up;Op

Oh Fuck what happened here

WTF is thisTMNT is cool and you just fucked it up it wasn't even funny. I know this is your first time but comedy does not take experieence.

This one is Sewer Water

Come on.. TMNT is awesome, I did not like this at all. First of all .... DONATELLO is PURPLE bandanas....duh! And whats with the nudity? This was a mix of turtles in a half shell, and dragon ball Z Kamehamehas. "no sir...I didnt like it" (take it from the horses mouth)


I personally dislike this peice alot.mainly because it it just idiotic, and childish.and quite honestly, it put's to shame a good Yngwie Malmsteen song.

This movie was quite fine.

I like all of your movies but i don't like this one as much... i'm sorry. Your violence was excellent. But the graphics weren't that good. It's still good to watch. I like this more than few other movies. I liked your rebel 2 the best. My brother laughed madly when it said 'wot the f***! hey man. wat's wrong with you fat ass?'
'i'm so-rry.'