Reviews for "Rebel T.M.N.T."


wow this is soooo cool its allmost cooler then blockhead

i liked the Yngwe Melsteem music

Yngwe melsteem is like the crazyest guitarist in the world, i saw the notes to play this song, at one point you have to play a note 16 tiimes in a second!!! but its amazing, and the flash itself was enjoyable!


To the guy before me: i hope you are finished murdering the english language?

Comment: it was very strange i am yet to watch the other episodes and i will after writing this review i liked the music...that's about all

i like it

i actlly jus sgot mew an account so dat da review i seen 4 dis wunt b da review showin "sik senseless shit" or summit wot is da kiddy chattin. i like it random 2 fuk bt dats y it gd

what is the name of that song?!

it's driving me insane, i thought i had heard every yngwie song, but i love this one and you dont mention what the name of the song is :'(

but anyway, i love it!