Reviews for "Rebel T.M.N.T."

It was allright

The graphics and sounds were superb, but there wasnt really a point, if you got a better story it would probably kickass!

Quimera responds:

ok ok, the idea was invented while doing the flash, that's why, to some people, it would make no sense.

I Dunno...

I'll get to the point and be honest. The graphics and sound was good, but I just didnt enjoy it at all. It didn't make me laugh or I didn't see a serious side to it. Infact, I had no clue what was going on really. Sorry to sound harsh, but try harder next time.

Quimera responds:

oh well, i did try harder on my next movies, check em out


I thought you did a good job on that, funny, and nice art. naked ninja turtles lol.. the sound was also decent, good job for your second flash

Quimera responds:

eheheh, thanks, yeah, the story is a little weird, but really funny details, as of know, i did a serious project, www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/173026
check it out, i know you will like the art

Not great, but some nice stuff... well done. :)

Some of the fbf art was really nice. The crappy shape tweens suck donkey balls though.

A couple of bits (over..., twisted flashbacks) made me chuckle a little, but not nearly enough to make this a 'good' movie.

Still, it was most definitely average.

And that's still a considerable achievement in my book. Specially when you've got professionals, including folk from Disney to compete against. :)

Good work,

Quimera responds:

Ok, thanks. . .

splinter beatin that sass


Quimera responds:

Splinter is cool, no more else to say hahahaa, he is cool