Reviews for "Rebel T.M.N.T."


... This seemed kind of pointless... Not really funny at all. :/

When the chainsaw noise came up, though, I was wearing earphones... The sound was so crisp compared to the rest of the movie that I thought it was seriously something coming at me from the left. Honest to God! I thought it was real... O_o

Good made

It was great dude but
why did they have to be naked?


that was kinda lame all ya over tunes where better but this is crappy


I liked it. But the teenage mutant ninja turtles (TMNT) dont have nipples. Thats the only thing you gotta fix. Heh. Everything else was good.

Quimera responds:

I know that they dont have nipples!:P


Well this was different ill give you that, but for sure you need to work on the file size, it was way large for my little 56k, but the artlike style was very cool, it was still abit different though...