Reviews for "Rebel T.M.N.T."


Oh this was something differant alright.
I don't even know where to begin. First, the fact that they were naked... well... that's just messed up. Second... Master Splinter ripping out eyeballs and using a chainsaw? God damn man that's insane!
As a fan of the Ninja Turtles... I was actually offended.


well first of all when splinter was watching TV and he flipped to the channel with the show 'dinosaurs' the quote is "not the mama! not the mama!" not "not mommy! not mommy!" get it right...secondly why are the TMNT naked? and all this shit about splinter being abusive, man you must hate this show, whether it's the original or the crappy new series. what a horrible awful flash


I liked the music and the opening..... The rest scared me. O_O lmao You get a point for that!

Ahh.. alright.

I really liked the loading screen, but that was about the only part. The animation was awesome, and I LOVE the Ninja Turtles, but the voices were horrible, you really need to work on them. I gave your sound a 5 only because your background music was so good. This movie left me with a few questions at the end. Why were the Ninja Turtles naked? Why were they fighting with Splinter? Were the Ninja Turtles on T.V. or there with Splinter? And if they were on T.V and Splinter was watching T.V. how did he get inside the T.V. with them? Why was Donatello missing an arm? And why did Leonardo's scar explode? You seemed to have started out with a good idea, the Ninja Turtles seeking revenge on Splinter because of his horrific training techniques, but you tried to add humor and messed tho whole idea up. Like the end with the art guy and sound guy converstaion, I thought that part was very stupid. I love your guys' graphic animation and some of your ideas but I think you should stick with serious animations, they could get very popular. You have the ability to create an actual cartoon series if you want. Overall: Great graphic animation, good background music, some good ideas.

It can´t be

Hey i looked at you´re movie when you didn´t called 5-7! this one cannot be you´re first movie, because the graphic was cool, and from the other movie was crap (well just maybe). But it was hust hust it was "husthust" sory im ill. it was, well...........herrible. Sorry i have to say it but it was more then horrible. so a 1! why? because the sound was really bad and the hurmor sucked. No realy!!!! don´t believe me but it´s just what I think. sorry x_x T_T o_o -O-