Reviews for "The (new) Cat Came Back"

A trip down memory lane

I remember listening to one of my summer camp counslers playing that song on the guitar. Only he played it more lively and with more energy. Not so much jazz like this one. But still this brought back many memories of OMSI camp.

Yep,another great animation !

Very smoothly made !
Great movie !


I remember I used to be hooked on that song!And now,just like the ninja turtles,it is back to haunt me forever!AAAAUGH!

cheshirepus responds:

That's how I know I did my job!
Thanks for the 10.


this was great.

heheh, that cat was cute! who'd wanna kill it?

but how did he......oh yeah that 9 lives thing! that means he's got...1...2...........3 lives left! this was a superb animation, but i'm still wondering why i'm just reviewing really old movies....that doesn't matter, anyway, it was wonderfully made(that a real word?) and top notch quality. here's a five from me (with the power of four votes).