Reviews for "The (new) Cat Came Back"

I Love This Song From When I Was Young.

I Love This Song From When I Was Young.

Nice update of the classic

This movie sure brought back childhood memories of watching that weird Canadian movie. Although I didn't remember the song lyrics being so filled with death. And that cat has either the best or worst luck ever but I can't decide which it is.

cheshirepus responds:

Yes, the lyrics in my version are a little bit darker than the original, but when I heard it, I just knew right away that it was the one I had to use. I just really enjoyed the old school sound with the piano, and if you listen, you can actually hear Fred Penner laugh at some of the stuff he's singing.
Thank you very much for the review and I'm really happy that you, as well as so many others, enjoyed this. That really makes me happy to know. Thanks!

I loved that cartoon!

I remember that! Saw it on the old series O! Canada on Cartoon network...I miss that. I'm going to try and find it on Kazaa now.

That damn cat!

...It just wont die, LOL! Funny movie, with nice animation and sound. I loved it from beggining to end. Nice job!

Very good Movie

I applaud your ability, that is up their with sayings like, "I m her uh fo revenj!" I really enjoyed it. Thanks for an excellent additiont to the community.

cheshirepus responds:

Thank you for the compliment. This was actually the first movie I put up that I was truly happy with, i.e. no obvious errors or defects. I REALLY took my time on it.
I'm glad you liked my cartoon, and I'm flattered that you consider this an excellent addition to Newgrounds.
Thank you!