Reviews for "(old) WarPath 1"

Who does that?

Game concept: overused

Game play: hold down space bar and watch stick figures fall over.

Game speed: slow

Misc.: why do you need to walk? The enemy can shoot you whether you move or not, and you can't miss.

Patchco responds:

Hey, say what you want. Everyones entitled to their own opinion. But there were some things I couldn't fix. (atleast not right away).

I said I will update it, and it will be much better

There is No God... Is there...

You have single handedly destroyed my faith in flash animation. The Game doesn't respond, the games is stick figures... How did this not get blammed yet!?! DAMN...


stupid and lame

why wud there be AK 47's, chainguns, M4's and sum weirdo experimental gun in the year 1942? is this supposed to be like World War 2. Plus it was kind of hard to play this game when ever i see sum blue guy shooting at me i tap the spacebar and it takes like 5 seconds for the bullets to hit the blue guy wtf is up wit that? plus the sound was repetitive almost made me go nuts and its boring