Reviews for "(old) WarPath 1"

Dude Weak

it was ok but its really point less, after you relode you go back to your first wepon, aslong as you keep shooting you never get hurt, if the stick is behind you you can sill be shot. theres outher things but i don't wanna wast my time any more... may you get Blammed in peice

Fix this first

When u choose the futuristic blue blaster weapon u can raise ur score as high as u want by just holding down the spacebar. Every enemy will be automatically dead before it arrives in the screen.

Dissapointed sorry

when i read the instructions and when i found out it was a WW2 game i'm all like AWESOME this game is gonna rock but instead i was dissapointed becuase it was easy and the weapons didn't even come out in that time and one of them still aren't out well nice try it didn't impress me =(


this really sucked dude...it has potential but dude, drop the fuckin stick figures and actually make an attempt on better characters.


this game isn't even hard because all you do is be trigger happy until you are bored with the game because you just keep hitting reload and I found a glitch that if you keep walking down you will leave the screen but you tried except this game is just boring enough said