Reviews for "(old) WarPath 1"


I did'nt like it 2 much it was way too easy to rack up a huge score and it was too slow!!!
Ideas: Speed it up and a better story or at least an ending.
More Levels.
Nothing Too New Or Exciting.

Who does that?

Game concept: overused

Game play: hold down space bar and watch stick figures fall over.

Game speed: slow

Misc.: why do you need to walk? The enemy can shoot you whether you move or not, and you can't miss.

Patchco responds:

Hey, say what you want. Everyones entitled to their own opinion. But there were some things I couldn't fix. (atleast not right away).

I said I will update it, and it will be much better


This was friggin retarted and WAAAAAAY to slow paced for me. The reason 80% of the ppl who reviewed them liked your demo is because us smart people that know what crap is don't waste our time reviewing shit like this, hell why am I even reviewing this? Oh well, remember next time if the demo does shit and basically doesn't differ much from the full version then just screw the whole project, take my advice.


its not very good, but has potential.

you have to hold the spacebar for like 2seconds b4 u fire, and the enemys start firing before you can even see them.


You can't win or lose, if you're health is down the drain, you can just keep playing this game. The buttons suck, you just have to keep holding the spacebar and that's it. It's too easy. Post something that's worth playing next time.

Patchco responds:

First of all, I didn't say you could win. I said the point of it WAS to get a HIGH SCORE BEFORE YOU DIE.

And it is my first game I made.