Reviews for "(old) WarPath 1"

Sweet game, pretty fun when I was bored!

I beat the person whom reviewed before me, I was really bored, I got a *drum rolls* 380, but then my comp. shutdown...I could have had a higher score!

Too Easy

Sorry, but it's way too easy. The microwave gun doesn't have to reload, so if you put a piece of tape over the space bar, the game plays itself. Highest score possible is only 999 because half of the third digit is cut off, so any digit above that is invisible. Ergo, 1,000 looks like 100. Not good if you want to post high game scores.

I im the best

my high score was 235 yea baby

Patchco responds:

haha awesome. I'll update it soon. with your highscore notice.


Not bad.

meh, ok

like the guy before me said, way too easy to score high. and it gets tedious after a few minutes.