Reviews for "(old) WarPath 1"

Prety ok

But the sounds from the gun were tooo sloooooooow and they need to be more rapid, also you walk to slow and the framerate is slow and bad, in version 2 i would like improved fireing, faster frame rate, more guns, more variety in enemys. It was ok though.

That was pretty good...

I thought it was WAY to easy thought, i got 431 on my first try then I got 575 on my second... make it harder then come back.


i got 605 kills wooo hooo i could of got more but i just had to stop it took so long oh well. ill probably try latetr to get it higher. cool game

Not bad

Not bad at all...it would be better if the guys diden't start shooting at you befour u see them.. and you could put some music and Voice overs...Beside that Pretty good,Good job

Dissapointed sorry

when i read the instructions and when i found out it was a WW2 game i'm all like AWESOME this game is gonna rock but instead i was dissapointed becuase it was easy and the weapons didn't even come out in that time and one of them still aren't out well nice try it didn't impress me =(