Reviews for "(old) WarPath 1"

good start

not bad, just needs some work. faster moving or more enemies, i love the weapons, cant wait to see the next version

Patchco responds:

next version is out! :) enjoy it.


i like the way you make your weapons but the way your sticks walk looks a littel bad try not making them lifting their feet on the half way but overall i like it (a lot)

It's a start

I can easily say it's a good start but like people are saying no more repeating itself over and over please, i would enjoy a better selection of music if possible and different reloading options plus faster bullets

its not great

Its repetive... Theres no point, not even a scoreboard. Make the backround change, levels, and make it challenging. I just held spacebar and clicked reload... keep trying... 3/5.

Don't play it..

I was hit before the enemy would even show up...