Reviews for "(old) WarPath 1"


lol i got like 1000 something because when me health dropped 0 i was still going, i think you should get around to fixing that glitch.

easy as hell

i beat the high score i got 371 points before i died lets see if you can beat that


kinda pointless.If u kill some guy,the next one is already shootin you,and u cant even see him.Stupid

Dude Weak

it was ok but its really point less, after you relode you go back to your first wepon, aslong as you keep shooting you never get hurt, if the stick is behind you you can sill be shot. theres outher things but i don't wanna wast my time any more... may you get Blammed in peice

lol, my high score kicks ass

3 kills, beat that n00bs