Reviews for "(old) WarPath 1"


this game isn't even hard because all you do is be trigger happy until you are bored with the game because you just keep hitting reload and I found a glitch that if you keep walking down you will leave the screen but you tried except this game is just boring enough said

can you say...

401 ? hey buddy you got owned at your own game sad :(


I got 250. Muhahahahahaha.

Not so well

It wasn't at all what it could have been. I suggest you have an actual reloading time, because all I was doing was being trigger happy and kept clicking the reload button whenever it popped up. Also, the graphics aren't up to par. Be sure to add more elements of play as well, instead of just a constant walking.


this really sucked dude...it has potential but dude, drop the fuckin stick figures and actually make an attempt on better characters.