Reviews for "(NUB)TheseMistakesAreForever"

Awesome finale! I fell in love when the beat dropped at 3:50.
One question, not for you per se, but for SatoDrygonFist2.
Where did you get that text? Some book?

Man, and I thought the original was fantastic. Its hard to find work like this..

Stuff that actually hits your hit just right and you can "feel" the song almost.

The third and final track of the Mistakes series. As stated by the artist, it's a retreading of the first track brought to different and unique heights.

I certainly find the drum more interesting in this version, it has a more refined and pleasing tone to me really. The track also takes on a different and moodier tone that the first, one which I really enjoy. The piano remains fantastic as ever, some of it being direct retreads of the first, some unique to this track.

Overall, the Mistakes series is one of my favorite series Nubbinownz did, and many years later they still hold up.




This is absolutely beautiful, as are the other songs in this series. Invigorating, but still sad.