Reviews for "(NUB)TheseMistakesAreForever"


Love the mood you created. The breakcore // jungle breakdowns are also awesome. Keep it up

nubbinownz responds:

thank you. I will, I just uploaded a new song under a different style, check it out and tell me if you enjoy that style as well :D


The piano is my favorite part. The Mistakes series are one of the best drum n bass songs.

nubbinownz responds:

Thank you :) I enjoy these mistakes as well. Of all the songs that i've produced, these mistakes is definitely on my list of favorites.

i guess this is goodbye..

this is great.. one of two best song in drum n bass(the other is these mistake are mine alone) that i know

well.. come back with another great song ok?

nubbinownz responds:

i will do my best :D

Sooo Sooothing!

Its like Peaceful drum and bass!! :D loved every second!!

nubbinownz responds:

thank you very much.


Damn yo, I was like that shits for real then my ho came in she was like yeah. I got up and banged that ho like it was crunk, then I was like damn good banging music, brother.

nubbinownz responds: