Reviews for "(NUB)TheseMistakesAreForever"

Wow man Thats Hot shit

Hey can you Give me the Piano Part of this beat so i can make a Hip hop beat to it?

nubbinownz responds:

send me your email in a PM


I'll be honest, sometimes, I really don't like your music, and sometimes, I do. This, I must say, is your best track. Unfortunately, this is a genre that's been used before, but not many people do it. I really like your take on it, it really offers a lot to imagine and listen to. I wish the beat was a little softer actually, throughout the song, but this is still really good! very nice :D

nubbinownz responds:

Thank you very much, the way that this was worded really made me happy. Thank you :D

its over-rated

ill be honest this is a nice little track! as far as the musical element goes its nice and works well. i too enjoy writing ambient tracks and this is definately one of the best i've heard for a while.


your production is not quite up to the standard of the tunes. i like the wide use of pitch shifting and velocity shaping but the amen break is lacking in sound. its well sliced and i like what you've done but its just needs some EQ, compression and distortion to beef it out... the drop could drop so much heavier but the amen is much too weak.

the mix im sure is down to the concept of the track but still there are parts i think a little mix-bus compression would come in useful just do push the drum hits into the piano and synths for a fuller sound... especially for the sliced beats.

i recommend rewiring reason with something...

nice track overall though

nubbinownz responds:

The amen is accent there's actually an 808kick and 3 different snares layered in a normal 2 step pattern underneath that you'll hear with a good pair of headphones or any sub part speakers. The amen isn't supposed to move out into the sub frequencies at all. it's merely there as another lead instrument, not as a drum beat.

But thank you for the review either way :D

Oh wow.

I've been listening to drum N Bass for years now. Probably about 12. This is one of the best I've heard. I actually shivered with excitement once the DnB solo piped up again. There is a tear on my eye now. Please never leave us!

nubbinownz responds:

*hug* thank you very much :D

Great Song!!

have you used reason3 or 4 to create?
can it be?

great work.... very good

nubbinownz responds:

Reason 4 :D this song was made entirely with reason 4