Reviews for "He's A Pirate (FL Mix)"


You took the best song, for the best synth, for the best preset. EPIC!

paranoiddj001 responds:

Thank you :)


Briliant, amazing,and chatchy! I brilliant remix on a very well known song! 5/5, 10/10!

really great =D

I love the transform in techno

the beats are amazing

the synth is pretty cool

go on =)


thats really catchy like my techno song nice bro

check out some of my songs


sounds good and that, but

You've got quite some faults in the melody (and yes most people won't hear it but I do and it quite annoys me XD... Especially around 1:18 to end Maybe you can listen to the song again and then hear what I mean. (I can know becouse I've played it in an orchestra, on piano and listened to it too many times...)

Though, sounds quite good, but I like the origional better.