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Reviews for "Miniclip Space Invaders"

good...Kreazy thats outwar link

take that shit off, read the fucking rules.anyways good job on spaceinvaders flash game.

it was pretty good

i liked it

staright up space invaders if i ever seen it!

but you should make it so that the missles get destroyed after they pass the last line of aliens, that way you dont gotta wait so long to shoot again, or jsut not have it only 1 missle n the screen at a time, but have it so that you just gotta wait a bit to fire again. either way good job

Not bad.

This is certainly a great flash version of a classic game. Good work.

funny funny stuff

this is a gd remake of a classic game
hats off to the creator of this remake

i liked it,but then bieng a fan of space invaders i probably would

gd job, keep uip the gd work