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Reviews for "Miniclip Space Invaders"

this game rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome job on this game. I loved the music , the graphics. Definately cool. Thumbs up to you!


I liked it and i think you did a good job on it. It's too much like the original macintosh version and it's a little boring. It's good that you made the block move faster as you killed more people. I also liked the cover you gave me in the first level. Good Job.



I quit at 830. I am a huge classic arcade fan, and I can say without question that this version of Space Invaders was probably the nicest looking and easiest to control. Very smooth, great looking designs for all the objects and beings. Nice sound effects, keep up the great work!


where was the space invaders music?

how could you possibly make a space invaders remake without the classic "doot, doot, doot" sound as the aliens move? you NEED the space invaders music if you are going to call it space invaders.

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