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Reviews for "Miniclip Space Invaders"

he he he...silly english

in the reveiw before me all I heard was blah blah blah blah blah.....very addictING with nice colOR..........probably the best game I've played on newgrounds

You americans can't spell

it's addictiVE not addictiNG, god, you guys have failed to grasp the english laungage, it's really not that hard, something is adictive, not addicting, i don't think 'addicting' should ever be used acctually, well any way, haha, yeah cool game, and while you lot are using our launguage, do it right.

just one more thing...coloUr



Good job

not bad, its a hell of alot better than the first one and its addicting as hell.

That sucked ...

We cant shot again until the first is gone, its enough for me to say that suck... and it sucked anyway ... and the sound at the start WTF?????

The best remake yet!!!

That was awesome!!! I have never had so much fun over a classic game!!! And while I have a French oral, vocab work, bio files for SS and a map the size of a A3 paper!!! Keep up the good work!!! (need to do hw now...)