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Reviews for "Miniclip Space Invaders"


Graphics: Very nice backgrounds and character models, they really did stand out. The particle effects were nice too, I really liked the smoke.

Animation: Very smooth and a pace true to Space Invaders. The projectiles glided along the screen as one would expect, no physics errors with them, and the particle effects were nice.

Sound: Nice little bleeps and blips, but there was room for improvment.. this includes background music. But overall, it all fit together.


Story: N/A

Programming: Excellent programming, no bugs found and the physics were perfect.

Extras/Plus: I liked the fact that you replaced the classic laser projectile that the ship shoots with a missle. Very nice.

Overall: Yes there are better versions of this game out there, but this one surley doesn't fail. A worthy addition to the Space Invaders emulator collection indeed.




Good game, bad clone

OK, If this was the first space invaders aver this would be one hell of a game. But it isn't. This game has been remade so often... And you forgot to ad something new. Next time, come with something like that snake thingy you made. That was also an old game, but you added new things.
You have disappointed me. too bad.


Sound and animation were very good.

I like

It has the feel and style of the old arcade version. I'll definitely play it again.