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Reviews for "Miniclip Space Invaders"

No effence but this isn't like space invaders!

eh ive played better.

a classic

i think this game is a classic and one of the funnest arcad style games there is


pretty good, but theres something unusually satasfying about playing the black and white one on pong.

Well done...

Well this game was definatley well done. The graphics werent great, but they were good enough to suit well to the game, even if it was one of the most unorginal ideas. Sure it was incredibly unorginal, but it was well done. As for the gameplay, as you can expect it wasnt that great I mean I played this game when I was young, I dont need to play a dull game like this again. Anyway all in a well done game just really not very orginal. Do somthing else next time.

pretty good

all you need is some improvement and you'll have something good here