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Reviews for "Miniclip Space Invaders"

good, for a remake of a great game

it was good. i liked the whole fighting aliens and crap. this is the kind of game i would expect from the second best site in the world, miniclip. you see, first is newgrounds, second is miniclip, and then the website that brings the best of both worlds, 2flashgames and theflashgames

pretty good

nice sound quality. good game.

Great game

It is a great game, but i do agree that there should be some power ups in the game to make it more interesting. great job none the less.


By far the best space invaders game out there. Only one thing i was upset about, there wasn't any powerups and stuff. If this game had powerups then it would be awesome. Very awesome tho.

This game is easy...but cool

I have never played this game, but the game was easy but cool...I rate this game a 5 out of 5