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Reviews for "Miniclip Space Invaders"


Well personally i think it wasnt one of the funnest games,at all. So a remake of it wouldnt b wise but the missles were pretty cool and well over all u did a pretty good job so ur score would b higher if i liked the game. good work

Personally I hated it.......

Unoriginal, but I geuss its a time killer for your weakass site.

Nice try for weak promotion, I doubt you really care for this site anyways.

good but...

it's very well done, but several problems i found. first is that you can only fire one missle at a time. This is very troublesome in later stages of the game. second, exploding enemies look near identical to attacking enemies, ie. the little yellow ball falling. This is extremely confusing, because the enemies give no indication of attacking other than the little yellow ball.
Also, the fact that you automatically lose when the enemies come too close is troublesome. the original space invaders, i believe, did not have that because it makes the game too hard, especially if (like in your version) they speed up signifigantly later in the game.

It was okay...

The graphics and sound effects are okay, but it's missing the classic 'thump-thump-thump' music that truly identifies the game. Still, not bad and easy to play.

oh boy, another one

This is an ok remake, but it isnt new or special at all...there are like 10000 things just like this