Reviews for "**Moments of Inspiration**"

a sure fire. 1000/10

I don't picture a knight... I don't picture anyone in my mind... All i picture is awesomeness. A real dramatic scene, pictured in my mind. A great fire, or a warrior being killed, a kingdom falling.... would go great in a movie... It's not that kind of happy music.... dark forces pillaging a kingdom, that would be a great movie for this to go in. well, i really like it, waiting for more awesome songs from you.


this makes me so peaceful man 100000000000000000000/10 i wish i could rate that lolz nice i love dis song

Great one.

When i hear this..It reminds me of the older movies they make..with warriors and knights...and while this is playing the scene being played is of a woman..finally seeing her knight coming home.......running to him..kind of thing...the wait being over..
Would be a great movie tune..


It would go great with epic games like Lineage or Kingdom Hearts.

I gave you a 9 because everyone can perfect there work

I love this one =).

You did some awesome things here with the strings =). I would say the piano is a little too simple but everything else makes up for it =). I get a feeling of victory and passing memories from this. Amazing job.


Keep it up!