Reviews for ".:Stairway_To_Heaven.(DnB):."

Who is Led Zeppelin?

Before you go on straggling me to death, I do know perfectly who is Led Zeppelin! Wow, I wouldn't ever imagine this song remixed...and yet you made a great job making Zeppelin's rock classic into techno! Nice job!


i love original stairway to heaven so i had to check this one out.
and its just great :D

Damn Kid!!

way to take the original and make it into your own. best rendition ever!! keep up the good work.

Amazing song.

Amazing song.


this track is simply awesome. i couldnt say anythin bad about it if i wanted to.
everythins very well done, once its remastered itll be even better!

5/5 + 10/10

xenith800 responds:

Just uploaded the improved version. Enjoy!